4-Star in the News

4-Star Trailers Featured in 'Modern Metals' Magazine

Our aluminum flat sheet supplier has given us exclusive rights to purchase flat sheet aluminum which has an engineered, thermally cured, clear polymer coating that preserves and protects the aluminum’s reflective mill finish.

Readying Your Trailer For The Show Season

The safety of yourself, your horses and passengers, as well as that of fellow travelers is at stake each time you hitch up.

4-Star Trailers Introduces ‘Easy Lift’ Ramp

4-Star Trailers, Inc. announced their latest innovation for owners of their world class line of custom built horse trailers; The ‘Easy Lift’ ramp.

4-Star Trailers Featured In 'Trailer Body Builders' Magazine

FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS, 4-Star Trailers built its custom aluminum horse trailers by welding the components together. So the company initially was skeptical about using adhesives.