Bumper Pull Cargo Trailers

Cars and Cargo...probably the two most diversified loads to be towed down the road. It’s why you won’t find

a lot of ‘Off-The-Shelf’ Car Haulers or Cargo Trailers from 4-Star Trailers. We believe that everyone has his

or her own unique requirements when it comes to cars and cargo; So we build your trailer the way you want it

when you order it. Our network of knowledgeable dealers will work with you and our engineers to configure the

trailer that addresses your every need.

Photo's shown with optional equipment.  Dimensions are approximate.

Trailers may be ordered based on two available platforms. The Deluxe platform is designed for trailers from 6’-0” to 8’-6” wide with a maximum length of 44’-0” for gooseneck models and 22’-0” for bumper pull models. The Runabout platform is limited to 6’-10” maximum width and 22’-0” maximum length for gooseneck and 16’-0” for bumper pull trailers. Minimum length for either platform is 10’-0”.

Standard Equipment

Popular Options