Graphic Packages

For those with uncommon or unique requirements, we have a list of graphics packages and over 450 options from which to choose to satisfy individual preferences.  Colors shown here may not look exactly as they are when seen on a trailer. This is due to many factors such as the type of photograph, your computer monitor, graphics card, printer, etc. Ask your dealer for a hands-on look at color samples of the actual materials used on the trailers.

Graphic Package Color Availability Charts

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Graphics Color Chart for PN512 & PN717

PN512 & PN717 graphics are created using a printing process that achieves a 3 dimensional look with metal flake reflections. The metallic reflections add a greenish silver tint overlaying the primary color. Colors range from subdued to vibrant depending upon lighting conditions.  

                   PN512                                   PN717

        PN 319/PN 619








PN717 - Burgundy



Graphics Color Chart for Image, Santa Fe, Southwest, Straight Lines & Vision


Image Gooseneck

Image Gooseneck  

Image Bumper Pull


Image w/ 4-Star Logo


Southwest Gooseneck

Southwest Bumper Pull


Straight Lines Through Windows


Vision Gooseneck


Vision Bumper Pull


Vision w/ 4-Star Logo Gooseneck


3 Color Graphics Chart for Reflections & Traditions

 Reflections Gooseneck

Reflections Bumper Pull


Traditions Gooseneck


Customer Custom Graphics 

All of the above are Standard Graphic Packages; Customer Custom Graphics can be your logo, signage, etc. 

Available Skin Colors