What do you mean when you say custom trailers?

4-Star has always built trailers designed by customers. 4-Star understands that every person may use their trailers for different purposes and we allow you as the customer to build the trailer that works best for you.

Does 4-Star sell factory direct?

No. We feel that each customer deserves the personal attention that only an approved 4-Star dealership can provide. Our dealers are uniquely qualified to ensure that you get a trailer specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Does 4-Star have any inventory available?

4-Star only builds trailers that are ordered through our dealers.

Do you offer different trailers than what you have on the web site?

Yes. 4-Star offers over 100 basic trailer floor plans that can be customized to your specifications. We have tried to provide a good array of trailers on the pages. Check back often as we will try to update the trailers frequently.

Are the trailers on the 4-Star's web site for sale?

No. All of the pictures on the web page are miscellaneous trailers we have built in the past that we thought would provide you with different ideas for your own trailer.

How do I go about getting prices or quotes for a 4-Star trailer(s)?

Since 4-Star does not sell factory direct, all pricing is done through our dealers. By contacting 4-Star by e-mail, phone, or fax, a factory representative can give you the name and phone number of your nearest 4-Star Dealer. Your 4-Star dealer will also be able to provide you with any pricing, specifications, and financing information.

How can I receive more information about your base model trailers?

By contacting 4-Star, we will send you additional literature on our trailer models. This material is printed, so we will need a mailing address to forward it to you. Additionally, you may click on "Trailer Brochure" on each model's landing page to see a printable brochure with a full list of standard equipment, as well as a floor plan.

Do you have option lists available?

Due to the vast number of options available on 4-Star trailers, we do not have a complete list available to send out. Although many of the options can be found on the Horse Options and Stock Options pages, a more complete list can be discussed with your dealer.

How do I know if what I want is an option?

Your dealer will be able to tell you if what you want is an option or if something special can be made. Over the years, most of 4-Star's options have come from our customers' suggestions. If you have an idea for an option that 4-Star does not yet offer, please contact your dealer.

How to become a 4-Star Dealer?

We have limited territories available. Please contact us for more information.

What is W.E.R.M. flooring?

The WERM flooring system completely seals your trailer floor and provides a padded, slip resistant surface that is impervious to liquids and eliminates the need for rubber mats. This unbelievable product will not crack or chip like spray-on liners!

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Protects your trailer floor, adding value and longevity to your investment. Eliminates pitting and deterioration of aluminum and wood flooring.
  • Extremely easy to clean after each use. No mats to remove, simply hose off the floor.
  • Reduces road noise and offers an added cushion to provide ultimate comfort to your horses.