Future 4-Star Cutting


Chance Leatherman

My name is Chance Leatherman. I'm currently finishing my first year at Calpoly SLO. Riding reined cowhorses is my first love, but surfing is a close second. I'm lucky I live somewhere I can do both. My horse Kodi (Cash has the Blues) and I train just about everyday with Teddy Robinson. When I'm done riding I usually head out into the surf a short distance away. My goals this year are to continue competing in the reined cowhorse events, finish another year of school and to ride bigger waves. I think it's important to note that our industry, whether it be cowhorse, cutting, rodeo, is under fire right now. We have to protect and preserve it. Moving forward I will make a point to do whatever I can to help make the horse industry live on.

(See also Rodeo and Roping)

Lulu Davis

Hi- my name is Lulu Davis, I ride & show cutting horses, run barrels, & show hunter/jumper. I have dreams of making my love for riding & showing cutting horses a career. Some of my goals include being in the top 10 youth for NCHA, being in the top three for the Circuit this year. I have been qualified for pony finals, & derby finals, but last year in June I was given the opportunity to showcase my horsemanship skills in a different discipline. I have since become very passionate about and have plans of making a career out of cutting horses.

(See also Barrel Racing and Hunter/Jumper)