Future 4-Star Barrel Racers

Audrey Cowan

Hello, my name is Audrey! I am a 16-year-old who lives in Southern Ky. Horses have been a part of my life from a very young age. I started riding as soon as I could walk, and started competing when I was 3. I currently own 8 personal horses and different client horses all year round. I rodeo, show in club shows, train wild mustangs, and camp a lot all with my 4-Star! Our 4-star has been in my family for 17 years. From picking up wild horses to traveling around the country for rodeo, I wouldn't trust any other brand!

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Aurianna Estes

My name is Aurianna Estes, but everyone calls me Auri! I am a barrel racer in South Louisiana. I have two quarter horses, Shadow and Swayze, whom I bring around Louisiana and surrounding areas to race. I started barrel racing when I was 8 and fell in love with the sport. Since then I have competed all the way up to NBHA world in Perry Georgia. My goals are to become the best rider and trainer I can be and to help others. I love to give out tips to any one looking for some and am always open to meeting new people. I have always owned a 4-Star trailer and love the brand. I can not wait to be able to promote a brand I love!



Bella Brunson

Some awards I have won have been KJRA 2019-2020 Rodeo Queen and All Around Rookie of the year, KJRA 2020-2021 Best All Around, NBHA 5D Champion from when I was younger, 2x qualifier for NLBRA finals and NBHA Youth Worlds, and qualified for the Jr. American in breakaway!

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Cassidy Brown

My name is Cassidy Brown. I am 19 years old and I am currently attending the University of Alabama pursing a career in Marketing with a minor in Communications. In my free time I am always traveling to barrel races and competing with my main horse Chasin’ Memories (aka Tito) Some of my recent and biggest accomplishments include: • 2020 NBHA Teen World Champion (historically after the first ever run off because of a tie for first place) • 2020 NBHA Open World Reserve Champion Overall, 2020 was an exciting year for my horse and I, and I have been blessed with so many great opportunities. I am looking forward to accomplishing new goals and opportunities. I am excited to see what 2021 and the years to come hold!



Cheyenne Northall

Hey! My name is Cheyenne Northall. I'm 14 and from East Tennessee. I have rodeoed my whole life. My dad is 4x IFR announcer and 2x IPRA Announcer of the Year. I love roping on my horse, Scamper. I love western fashion. Our family loves traveling in our 4-Star trailer.

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Emmie Collins

I am from Youngsville, Louisiana!! I fell in love with the sport about two years ago and don't regret a thing. One of my main goals is to be able to qualify for a high school finals rodeo. The sport brings many ups and downs but it's all about how you come back from them.

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Kayden Kaiser

My name is Kayden Kaiser and I am going to be 18 years old in May. As I'm going into an adult life and having to find a real job, I realize that my passion is my horses. Whether it's going to a barrel race or going to the beach, I love and trust my 4-Star trailer to get me from point A to point B! My main goal in life is to go to the NFR or at least travel from rodeo to rodeo barrel racing. I have been riding for about 14 years and trained my own barrel and pole bending horse, Rosebud, in 2015 at age 12. She and I went on to win the barrels 9-13 age group for WCJRA and much much more! Since then I haven't looked back. In 2017 I purchased my first futurity horse (with my parents help), Emmy Lou Sunshine. It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. We have been everywhere from the 3D to the 1D and I have won 4 buckles just from her. Just recently I won the 1D and ran the fastest time of the whole weekend race at Diamond Bar Arena in Ceres, Ca. I also have an up and coming 3 year old who I hope to train and futurity in barrels. Even though these wins might not mean much to some, they mean the world to me because I am the one up early and out late riding these horses and getting them ready for racing. These horses have helped me accomplish my goals and I have big hopes for the the future. I would love to have the 4-Star teams help!


Lauren Amour

Hello! My name is Lauren Amour and I have loved my 4-Star Trailer for years. I compete and travel many times a month and my LQ has been an absolute life saver on the road. It keeps up with the hustle and still looks new! I am graduating high school this year with a 4.4 GPA and I am excited to be attending Texas A&M University Commerce in the fall to major in Equine Studies. I have competed in barrel racing and pole bending for 10 years with the blessing of a few amazing horses! I hope to buy my WPRA permit this summer and work towards filling it later this year to earn my professional card on my horse Ellie. I have had to face many unfortunate injuries and tough times with my horses the past few years, and I now live by the phrase, "Never take it for granted" . Keeping that in mind keeps me going and allows me to appreciate every ride and moment spent with my equine partners.

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Lulu Davis

Hi- my name is Lulu Davis, I ride & show cutting horses, run barrels, & show hunter/jumper. I have dreams of making my love for riding & showing cutting horses a career. Some of my goals include being in the top 10 youth for NCHA, being in the top three for the Circuit this year. I have been qualified for pony finals, & derby finals, but last year in June I was given the opportunity to showcase my horsemanship skills in a different discipline. I have since become very passionate about and have plans of making a career out of cutting horses.

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Malorie Ellis

Rodeo hasn't always been in my family. We started about four years ago when the first horse we had got hurt, and my dad bought me my first barrel horse. It took some time for us to learn, and we are still learning, but once we were in, we knew there was no going back. I fell in love with barrel racing right away. I soon made it my goal to win a buckle. About a year and a half later, I had won my first buckle in the straits at a play day. It was so exciting, and I began to make new goals. I later won buckles in poles, barrels, and straights. I even won a reserve all around bracelet. I then made another goal to win a saddle. It was so exciting once I won my first saddle. I was so thankful for all my family and my teammate (my horse) had done for me! I then made goals to fix my mistakes and shave off time. My horse and I soon were getting better and better and we still are. I love the horse I own with all my heart. He is like family. I don't know what I would do without him. He's like my big dog. He will literally come up to you and rest his head on your shoulder. He is also a treat monster. Again, I love him with all my heart and I don't know what I would do without him.

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Payton Dubree

I am a 17-year-old barrel racer. I run many rodeos every weekend and many many, many barrels races. I attend every barrel race or rodeo I can. I have been to the WPRA World Finals in Waco, Texas. I have attended the NBHA Championships in Perry, Georgia. My goal is to go as far as I can in the barrel racing industry and I plan to make my way back to the WPRA finals.

Presley Kobold

Hi, My name is Presley Kobold. I started riding at age 4 on lead-line in Gymkhana's. I got my first horse from my Mimi- a bald faced, blue eyed palomino named Blue. We started together on barrels going to jackpots about 4 years now. Last year I got my second horse, Mister Tommy Chex! He's a big beautiful bay finished on barrels, but hot as a firecracker! I love all the great friends I've made through barrel racing. I just want to keep training and learning as much as I can. My goal is to hopefully one day make it to the Jr. NFR. I want to work hard and see how much I can accomplish in this sport.

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Reina Romero

Hello, I am Reina Romero from Tucson, Arizona! I am 16 years old and the third generation of rodeo in my family. I have been riding since before I could walk. This next Fall I will be a Junior at Mountain View High School. I attend four barrel racing/rodeo associations all year round, along with many open rodeos here and there. However my sights are set on applying and preparing myself for the next high school rodeo season. As an incoming junior I hope to play my cards right and place in all three of my events this coming season as well as add breakaway roping to my events. I barrel race, pole bend, and goat tie as of right now. A few years back while I was still in the junior high division, I placed top 15 for barrels in the Arizona High School Rodeo Association. In 2016 I won both 2D saddles for Cowgirls Cowboys Open Barrel Racing Association and Southern Arizona Barrel Racing Association. This season I've been bouncing back from a trailer accident, losing one of my horses and the other two getting knee surgery, but in March I was blessed with a new barrel horse and a new-to-me 4-Star trailer! This year I've pushed through my hardships and I've accomplished placing in the top ten in goat tying and barrel racing for the Willcox Junior Rodeo Association. Next season I will be a part of all the same associations and I plan on working harder towards my goals. I have faith in my horses and myself. I don't only work hard inside the arena, I also work very hard at my academics and have been inducted into my school's chapter of the National Honors Society. I hope to represent 4-Star with my all, inside and outside the arena. Thank you for this opportunity.

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