Bumper Pull Runabout Trailers

The Runabout Model built by 4-Star Trailers is an entry level trailer, approximately 700#'s lighter than our standard 2 Horse Slant Bumper Pull.  The Runabout has the same latches, hardware, alloys as our standard trailers.  We still use the finest materials to build this trailer, with the same workforce and skilled labor.
At 4-Star Trailers, we work with our customers and for our customers. We know you have a significant investment in the animals you haul and a 4-Star Trailer is your first and last line of defense against the hazards of the road and the elements. 
We have pioneered the development of the Runabout to provide you with a less expensive yet quality 4-Star Trailer. We collaborate with your customization needs to keep our products on the leading edge in trailer manufacturing and give you exactly what you want.

2 Horse Slant Model - 11'-0" x 6'-10"

2 Horse Slant Runabout Bumper PullThe Runabout 2 Horse Slant Load Bumper Pull comes with 3500# Torsion Axles with Electric Brakes, 6 Ply Radial trailer tires and 40/60 Double Rear Doors w/ Windows.  For more on 'Standard Equipment' and 'Popular Options', click photo.

2 Horse Straight Model - 9'-0" x 6'-10"

2 Horse Straight Runabout Bumper PullThe Runabout 2 Horse Straight Load Bumper Pull is insulated and double walled full length in the horse compartment, has two feed mangers and an escape door on each side above fender.  For more on 'Standard Equipment' and 'Popular Options', click photo.