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4-Star offers Gooseneck and Bumper Pull Trailer Models in the following categories:

Horse, Stock/Combo, Stock, Polo, and Cargo/Car Hauler

All models are hand built with pride in our facility located in Oklahoma City and backed by our eight year limited warranty.  Trailer models are offered in three base model platforms:  Deluxe, G Model, and Runabout. Each is briefly described below.

Deluxe Models

These are our top of the line models. Generously equipped with all the most commonly desired features, they represent the pinnacle of 4-Star quality and innovation.

Trailers built on the Deluxe platform are designed to be extremely customizable. Length, Width, and Height may be added to or subtracted from the base models. Individual stall sizes may be specified.

Our entire catalog of options are available for inclusion in these trailers. If you don’t see an example of what you require in the pages of our web site or on your dealer’s lot, please ask for it. We are always open to new ideas. If you have a unique transportation problem, we can engineer a unique solution for it based on this versatile platform.

G Models

The ‘G’ platform is based on a fixed width of 6’-7” and limited to 7000 pound axles maximum.  Generally speaking, trailers based on this platform are more economical to produce as the width allows for a simplified design in the fender area. As with the Deluxe models, these are equipped with everything the average rider requires and is road ready when it leaves the factory.

Trailers based on this platform include GH, GC, and GS models which are respectively, Horse, Stock Combo, and Stock trailers.

Many options, including changes to length and height, are available to customize these trailers to your preference. The G models are built using many of the same components as the Deluxe models.

Runabout Models

The Runabout platform was conceived as a ground up design for an entry-level bumper pull trailer whose goal was to provide our customers a world class trailer which is durable and safe, yet several hundred pounds lighter than other similarly sized trailers.

The Runabouts are limited to a maximum width of 6’-10” and 7000 pound axles. All models based on this platform are generously equipped with the features you need most. For those with special requirements, many of the options available on our Deluxe models may be specified should you choose to customize.

Trailers based upon the Runabout platform are solid performers for those who wish to experience 4-Star quality in an economical design which lives up to what we've been saying for 3 decades: "Simply The Best Value."

All trailers not explicitly designated as GH, GC, GS, or Runabout are built on the Deluxe platform.

Complete Set of Trailer Information Brochures (17MB)