We travel many miles with our 4-Star and there has never been a day we have regretted buying such a wonderful trailer. The quality is excellent and it is a trailer we can definitely be proud of!! Keep up the good work 4-Star!!!
Terri Janssen

My wife and I are on the road constantly rodeoing. We just recently purchased a 2000 4-Star 5 Horse from a private party. We love this trailer and we feel comfortable that it is going to be able to withstand our lifestyle.
Our previous trailer was rear ended and totaled because of a drunk driver. We are confident that our horses will be completely safe in this new ride. Thought you might enjoy this photo taken during our first trip with this rig.
Taylor Nahrgang

'Thought I would share with you a picture of our 1987 3 Horse Mid Tack 4-Star Trailer. I think it looks pretty good myself for a 25 yr old trailer. I am sure no other brand would hold up as nicely. 4-Star was my first and if I have anything to do with it will be the only brand trailer for my horses and family. Thank you for such an amazing trailer. Love our trailer and can not wait until I can upgrade to the 2013 4-Star!'
Sarah VandenBerghe 

This photo is of Pierre Lamont, owner of 'Cimarron River Saddlery', Liberal, Kansas, and his '96 4-Star Trailer. Pierre states: "I am very happy with my 4-Star trailer. I use it all the time to haul cattle and horses. It still looks brand new and nothing has broke on it; it is in great condition."

We purchased a new 4-Star Trailer back in March 1989. Today, we are still hauling the same trailer. I can't tell you how many miles we have put on our trailer over the years but between 2005 & 2007 we put over 80,000 miles on it hauling our stallion. We have also hauled our Belgian Draft horses in this trailer. Besides basic maintenance of brakes, etc. our friends always comment on what a solid built trailer ours is & what great shape its in for being 21 years old! I have included some photo's as well. Linda & Fernand Delisle - Argyle, NY

We own two 4-Star trailers now and traded in a 4-Star on the new 8 horse your company built for us. After using it for about a year now, we have nothing but praise for it and the workmanship. This is the first trailer we've had with the WERM flooring and it is a real time saver when it is time to clean.

Please tell all your people thank you very much for a wonderful trailer. We get a lot of questions and compliments on it wherever we show.

John & Ashley Dunn - Weatherford TX

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