Our Science & Innovations

Click on the links below for 'Firsts'  that we have brought to the trailer industry...

The Double Swing Divider - Perfected!

Many horse trailer manufacturers, including 4-Star, have designed, built, and offered the option to swing a divider from either end. There are many desirable advantages associated with this ability and the demand for such a divider has always existed. So why do we not see many orders for this option?

4-Star Trailers Awarded Patents

In 2014, continuing 4-Star's history of bringing innovation to the horse trailer industry, the United States Patent Office granted patents to two original designs. The first patent applies to a uniquely designed slam latch. The second patent was granted for 4-Stars 'Walking Divider' design

4-Star Trailers 'Quiet Ride' Technology

4-Star Trailers, Inc. is the industry leader in horse trailer design. Trailers with 'Quiet Ride' technology are the latest example of innovation in a long line of industry firsts.

4-Star Trailers, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing?

The latest models built by 4-star Trailers are beautiful to look at, yet stronger and more durable than they have ever been.

Side Wall Construction

Due to the highly customized nature of our business model, 4-Star customers often ask us to do things that change the structural dynamics of the side wall of the trailer.

Rear Frame

The top corners of a trailer at the front and rear are important to consider when contemplating which designs have high durability.


Since 2001, 4-Star has used adhesives formulated by the Lord Corporation. The same adhesive used on door and roof panels by well-known domestic and foreign auto manufacturers.

Gooseneck Drop

The plate that forms the drop wall connecting the gooseneck floor with the trailer floor is a critical component which ties the box of the trailer to the gooseneck and coupler assembly.

Top and Bottom Rails

A major factor contributing to the overall strength of a trailer is its top and bottom rails.