Side Wall Construction

Posted by Butch on 02/07/2013

Due to the highly customized nature of our business model, 4 Star customers often ask us to do things that change the structural dynamics of the side wall of the trailer. Using sophisticated CAD structural analysis tools, we developed effective methods to insure that special requirements do not cause problems. As an example, when circumstances require it, we use a specially engineered aluminum reinforcement developed by 4-Star and validated by one of the nation’s leading aerospace consultants. The reinforcement is judiciously located and attached to our bottom rail in high stress areas effectively neutralizing concentrations of stress by dissipating it throughout its length.

CAD solid model of a 6 horse head to head divider layout.

The side posts used in our Deluxe models are hollow rectangular tubes, extruded in three sizes, 1” x 2 1/2”, 1” x 4” and 1” x 8” with 1/8” minimum wall thicknesses. Even though it is more expensive to extrude a hollow tube, as opposed to an open shape like a C-channel, we feel that the extra strength imparted to the side wall makes it worth the investment. To minimize sharp edges, the side of the post facing the inside of the trailer has rounded corners.  Each size is suited to its designed purpose. Door frames, ramp openings, windows, etc., each requires a post designed for that function.

All our deluxe model horse trailers are double walled and insulated in the horse compartment. The walls are lined with .090" on the head wall and .125 (1/8”) aluminum on the kick wall. Rubber is bonded to both the head and kick wall. We are the only manufacturer we know of offering a lifetime warranty on our wall rubber.