The Double Swing Divider - PERFECTED!

Posted by Eileen Gorman on 07/18/2018

This unique design combines the hinge and the latch together in one assembly.  Either end of the divider may act as the hinge while the opposite end becomes the latch.  The dividers may be opened at the head wall and swung forward to allow the horse to pass through the exit ramp at the front of the trailer.  

Latching the divider at the head wall and swinging the divider open from the hip wall forms a standard slant load trailer.  With this unique feature, you have the ability to unload the first and second horse without having to unload the horses in the rear.  

On the other hand, it is also possible to unload all of the horses except the first one by swinging all of the dividers forward.  This leaves the first divider in place.  

One advantage is the elimination of multiple drop-in pins of previous designs.   The ease of use of the one-handed operation of the latch mechanism is another advantage.  The no metal-to-metal contact points results in dramatic noise reduction while also eliminating wear points.