The Double Swing Divider - Perfected!

Posted by Butch Patchell on 07/21/2017

Unfortunately, the current designs are cumbersome and decidedly non user friendly. Most designs rely upon multiple hinge barrels with large drop-in pins. Opening and closing the dividers is a time consuming, 2-handed operation and difficult to accomplish when the handler has a lead rope in-hand. 

These designs are noisy! The hinge barrels used with double swing gates and dividers must have oversized holes for the drop-in pins. There is a considerable amount of ‘play’ in these designs. That ‘play’ in the drop-in pin and hinge barrel is necessary, but translates to a considerable amount wear and tear accompanied by metal-on-metal clatter when the trailer is in motion.

4-Star Trailers re-imagines the double swing divider

Using components from our patented ‘Quiet Ride’ gate designs, we have eliminated the inconveniences of previous double swing divider designs.