Top and Bottom Rails

Posted by Butch on 02/07/2013

Top and Bottom Rails:

4-Star Trailers is recognized for building one of the most, if not THE most durable trailer in the industry. A major factor contributing to the overall strength of a trailer is its top and bottom rails.  Our rails were designed borrowing design features from semi trailers with GVWR’s of 60,000 lbs.

Every Deluxe Model 4-Star trailer uses the same top and bottom rail regardless of trailer length. The only differences are the inclusion of running boards for trailers 8’-0” or less in width. The bottom and top rails used on a 16’-0" long bumper pull trailer are same as those designed for use on 53’-0” long trailers. We use them across all Deluxe models so that each 4-Star Trailer shares common looks with its siblings.

Our top rail is a hollow, full length, heavy wall, extruded and tempered aluminum structural strength beam. The hollow tube design of our top rail is the only one of its kind that we know of in the industry. In addition to the strength inherent in its hollow tube design, the large 6" radius on the outer wall resists twisting and warping under stress. The hollow shape also creates the perfect conduit for protecting the electrical wires running through it. The hollow shape makes it more difficult for us to run our light and accessory wires, but we feel that the additional strength and safety conferred to the trailer make it worth the extra effort.

4-Star was the first, and is one of only a few in the market to extrude the running board and bottom rail together as a single piece. Others continue to weld running boards to their bottom rails. Our integrated design adds stiffness to this important structural member while minimizing the number of welds visible on the bottom rail.