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In 2014 our 1998 4-Star stayed together through an accident. It tore one tire off the axle that went flying and bent the other axle. The new van that hit us was totaled with all air bags deployed and, seat belted in, they were miraculously okay. After police had their report, we limped it 50 miles down the road to camp. We still have this trailer after some major fixing. I should add that people in camp were amazed when we got there! Don’t know of any other trailers holding up like this one. The family in the van that hit us had fallen asleep and come across center line at 60-some miles an hour- it was a total miracle no one was seriously hurt.

-Jayne Marie Sik

"I was stopped on the shoulder (passenger side tires in the grass & all my hazard lights on) to assist with a rollover that had just happened in the meridian about 150 yards behind. The driver of a mini van was driving 70mph past the accident scene and was rubbernecking at the rollover instead of watching the road. She drove into the back of my trailer with such force it literally split my truck from the trailer. Both the truck and trailer were written off and, by some miracle and 4-Star's well-built design, my horses managed to walk away with only mild scrapes. I am so grateful for how this trailer held up! I will forever be a supporter of this company as I truly believe my 2 horses I was hauling this day would not be alive if they had been in another brand of trailer. Thank you for building such quality trailers!"

-Katie Connolley

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