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Parts & Options

Axles & Brakes

Axles & Brakes

Axle Sizes

Torsion 2-3500 lb w/ 5 205/75R15 6 ply tires Torsion 2-4900 lb w/ 5 235/80R16 10 ply tires Torsion 2-7000 lb w/ 5 235/80R16 10 ply tires Torsion 3-7000 lb w/ 7 235/80R16 10 ply tires Torsion 2-7200 lb w/ 5 235/80R16 10 ply tires Torsion 2-8000 lb w/ 5 235/85R16 14 ply tires Torsion 3-8000 lb w/7 235/85R 16 14 ply tires Torsion 2-9000 lb w/ 5 245/70R17.5 18 ply tires Torsion 2-10000 lb w/ 5 245/70R17.5 18 ply tires Torsion 2-12000 lb w/ 5 245/70R17.5 18 ply tires Air Ride Cargo Max 2-9000 lb w/ 5 245/70R17.5 18 ply tires, 8 hole 17.5 Special Alum Wheels

Air Ride & Other Options

Dexter Air Ride Package SPREAD AXLE Block Axle 3", fender height automatically adjusted Hydraulic Drum Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Couplers, Hitches & Jacks

Couplers, Hitches & Jacks

Couplers & Hitches

Extend coupler length 6" on bumper pull Shorten coupler 3" on gooseneck 3" Coupler, ILO of standard MoreEZ hitch, ILO standard 2 in. Kingpin type on inner pipe ILO standard Semi nose with kingpin section 15,000# Coupler - BP Only 25,000# Coupler - BP Only (23'+ trailer length) 12,500# Adjustable coupler -BP only ILO Standard Weight distribution kit with sway control R.V. Hitch-Pin Box 21,500#


Electric jack for bumper pull Spring loaded leg Dual Single Speed Jacks Two-Speed jack (Bulldog) Two-Speed Jack w/ Large Gear Box Two-Speed on dual landing legs 8,000# Hydraulic Single Landing Leg Jack 12,000# Hydraulic Single Landing Leg Jack Hydraulic Dual Landing Leg Jack 4-Point Leveling System


Slant Load Dividers

Add 3 in. extra height Additional setting for removable full at bottom divider Break divider - full to roof divider only Double swing divider Extra divider setting Full at bottom divider Full at top divider Additional dividers Pony Divider - 40" T x 60" L full at bottom Removable baby panel Hanging mat Spread air flow (bars) Telescoping divider Spring Loaded Divider Double Swing Divider

Straight Load Dividers

Additional setting for head to head divider Quiet Ride Removable Baby Panel Rolling Quiet Ride Divider (Includes 1 additional setting)

Breast & Butt Bars

Breast Bar or Butt Bar Additional Setting for Full Width Breast or Butt Bar Quiet Ride - Breast Bar at Walk-Thru Door Storage Rack for Quiet Ride Breast & Butt Bars Quiet Ride - Full Width Butt Bar or Breast Bar - Spring Loaded - Heavy Duty Stowaway Breast Bar Quiet Ride - Stow Away Breast Bar


Dressing Room & Walk-Thru

Extra wide door Add dressing room door 21" Clear walk-thru door Gas Shock

Rear Doors

Double rear doors w/windows & single anti-rack hardware Double rear doors without windows Full-width stock rear door Stock type rear door with drop rods Van style rear end 40/60 Rear doors Rear gate safety slam latch Double Anti-Rack Hardware Full-width anti-rack bar Gas shock

Escape & Side Load

Escape Door at First Horse Escape doors *above fenders* Stock Side door Side load door w/ 1" threshold Split side door

Drop Down & Access

Drop down feed door Swing-N-Feed door Swing open feed doors Access door 4' x 6' Vending Door w/ Gas Shocks Generator door with louvered vents

Window Bars & Other Options

Drop down window bars Swing open window bars Heavy duty window bars Removable window screens



Single aluminum battery tray Double aluminum battery tray Triple aluminum battery tray Single Aluminum battery box Double Aluminum battery box Triple Aluminum battery box Additional Battery


Standard Generator Box - Fits 4.0, 5.5 & 7.0 gas Onan Generator (Small Box) Large Generator Box - Fits 6.0 & 8.0 Diesel Generator (Large Box) Generator box on full width platform behind haypod Generator Box - Install in Hayrack Generator Compartment in Manger Generator Box - On Drop (Small Box)


Back up lights wired to truck with 7-way plug Back up tail lights L.E.D. Dome Light Optronix LED Interior Rectangular Light - 1100 Lumens L.E.D. loading light 11" L.E.D. awning light 18" L.E.D. awning light Turn signals installed on bottom rail at center of trailer Custom lighted nose sign Additional L.E.D. marker lights Additional marker lights placed on Bottom Rail Additional L.E.D. tail lights L.E.D. canadian light package, 2 low tail lights & 1 ea side front at running board Additional Light Switches 3-Way Switch Custom Lighted Sign


12 Volt fan Fantastic Fan Breaker Box, Shore Plug EZ-LOK & One 110 (GFIC) Outlet Additional 110 (GFIC) Interior Outlet Shore Power Detachable Cord, 30amp, 30' Long 45amp Converter w/(GFIC) 110 Outlet & Shore Plug EZ-LOK



3/16" Smooth Aluminum Floor Hy-Grip Treadplate Skid plate Treadplate on gooseneck floor Add traction bars on floor or ramp Deck board (for double-decker) Deck rail (for double-decker) Deck board, storage rail (for double-decker) See also "Steps" (listed under Hardware)


Carpet gooseneck floor Carpet drop Carpet dressing room floor Carpet walls - Between Post Carpet walls - with Lining


Rubber Floor mats WERM Sealed Rubber Floor Soft padding under floor mats Glued stall mats Double wall insulate line & rubber Rubber on wheel wells


Center Gates

Center Gate Polo Gate Rolling Gate Articulating gate (Includes 1 extra setting) Slider in cut gate or full width rear gate Swing gate inside center gate Large Double-swing Latch Set Gate on Slant Extra gate setting Toe Boards Reinforce Center Gate - Comm'l Hauler, Reinforce all corners of gates w/6" × 3/16" alum gussets , Install slats on front side of gates, Make gate post full to floor @ wheel wells, Use 2"x4" post @ hinge side, Add 4" × 1/8" filler to bottom of center gates, Set @45 degree angle from 2"x2" tube up to slats full width of gate.

Low Pro

Low-pro Gates (Pig Gates) Removable Post (Pig Gate) Additional height (Pig Gate) Adjustable Pen System Feeder Bracket Rod

Drop Partition

Standard Drop partition Drop partition w/perm center post Drop partition w/removable center post Double Sliding Drop Partition Roll up drop partition 1" x 4" Drop Partition 1" x 8" Drop Partition 1" x 4" Permanant Drop Partition 1" x 8" Permanant Drop Partition


Roll up rear gate Full stud door with spread air flow (bars) in top section with removable center post



Dressing room door latch Single butterfly latch Rear Gate Safety Slam Latch Large Double Swing Latch Single Pipe Hardware


Keyless deadbolt lock Bauer Keyless Entry Lock Deadbolt Keyless Code Lock 200


Fold down step Removable Step Step cleat Logo Etching on SSTL for Fold Down Step


Grease Zerk Gas Shocks


Stainless Grab Handle Bogey wheels Stock Gate Lanyard Lights (Listed under Electrical)

Hayracks & Haypods

Hayracks & Haypods

Hayrack (6'+) Treadplate floor in hayrack 8' Integrated haypod 8' Combo Pod 8' Enclosed Haypod Add footage to Haypod Platform w/Rails Fold Down Rear Panel on Hayrack


Standard Ladder Telescoping Ladder Fold Out Ladder Recessed Ladder Make ladder removable

Living Quarters


Electric 75" Slideout Hydraulic 84" Slideout Add additional length to slideout (for hydraulic slideouts only)



EasyLift Rear Ramp EasyLift Rear ramp w/dutch doors Full height rear ramp Full Height Rear Ramp w/ Cable Assist


Spring loaded side ramp w/2 dutch doors Spring Loaded Side Ramp w/ 1 Dutch Door Spring Loaded Side Ramp Full Height Side Ramp


Easy Lift Ramp Upcharge Add 5 Traction Bars to Ramp Winch with remote ext. cord Make Ramp 60" Tall 18" Flip Over Ramp Extensions

Skin, Graphics & Exterior Customization


P.P. White Black Metallic Charcoal Metallic Clean Coat Silver Metallic (special order) Bronze Metallic (special order) Stainless Steel


One color 4-Star logos Two color 4-Star logos Custom Lettering Custom Lighted Sign Graphics Packages: Reflective Tape D.O.T. Package Reflective tape across nose and rear doors

Paint & Powder Coat

Paint Top Rail Paint Bottom Rail Paint Gooseneck Bottom Rail Paint Coupler Paint Landing Gear & Handle Paint Drop Gussets Paint Rear Corner Posts & Rear Header Powder Coat Pig Gates


Polish top rail Polish slats Polish rear frame Polish wedge post Polish Haypod Polish Hayrack Polish Fenders Polish Drop Gussets Polish Bottom Rail (Only available without running boards) Polish P-Extrusion Polish Door Jambs & Door Frames Polish Gooseneck Bottom Rail Polish Ladder Polish Generator Box Polish Tie Rail


24" Tall aluminum gravel guard 48" Tall aluminum gravel guard Slats Add slats to doors and ramps



96" Gooseneck Enclosed drop with Roll Up Door V-NOSE Aerodynamic Nose Slope Gooseneck Nose Full gooseneck nose Raise gooseneck 2" Lower gooseneck 2" Additional gooseneck length Propane Compartment in Enclosed Drop Propane bottle brackets


Add 6" to trailer height Adjust trailer width Additional trailer length


Reinforce Stock Trailer - Comm'l Hauler Large GN & Coupler assy (Floor) 4' I-Beams on 8" Centers 1" X 4" posts throughout trailer in lieu of standard


Additional roof bows Insulate and line roof Line roof with 16 guage galvanized steel


Full nose on bumper pull Add running boards (See also "Slideouts" under Living Quarters) See also "Floors"

Tack & Dressing Room

Boot Boxes

12" Deep Carpeted Boot Box with Single Lid (full-width) 18" Deep Carpeted Boot Box with Split Lid (full-width) 18" Deep Carpeted Boot Box with Single Lid (36" width)

Saddle Racks

Standard saddle racks Adjustable Saddle Racks Telescoping Saddle Racks Fold Down Saddle Rack Swing-out Saddle Racks Polo-style Saddle Racks Electric Saddle Racks Removable saddle racks w/slip on holders Removable Saddle Rack Post Additional setting for removable Saddle Rack Post


Removable shelf Hat shelf w/clothes rod Hat shelf Corner shelf

Blanket Bars

Standard Blanket Bar Swing-out Blanket Bar Fold Up Blanket Bars Stubby Blanket Bars Blanket Tree

Additional Tack Options

Feed bags Removable window screens (not available with drop-down window bars) Clothes rod Brush tray Breast Bar or Butt Bar Additional Setting for Breast or Butt Bar Quiet Ride Breast Bar at Walk-Thru Door Quiet Ride Breast Bar or Butt Bar Storage Rack for Quiet Ride Breast & Butt Bars Quiet Ride - Full Width Butt Bar or Breast Bar - Spring Loaded - Heavy Duty Quiet Ride - Stow Away Breast Bar Bridle hooks Double Bridle Hooks Trailer ties inside & out D Ring ties Stainless steel D rings Recessed floor ties (Small & Large) Cabinets Harness Hooks E-Trac Carpeted Rope Holder Splint boot hooks Aluminum Bucket Holder Race bike carrier See also "Steps" (listed under "Hardware")

Tires & Wheels


225/75R 15 6-Ply 235/80R 16 10-Ply 235/85R 16 14-Ply (G-614) 245/70R 17.5 18-Ply on Steel or Alcoa Wheel 245/70R 19.5 18-Ply


15" Aluminum Wheel 16" Aluminum Wheel 16" Steel Wheel 16" Alcoa Aluminum Wheel 17.5" Alcoa Aluminum Wheel 17.5" Steel Wheel Simulators

Wheel Wells/Inner Fenders

Taper wheel well ends only Taper wheel wells up to sides Extend wheel wells Box up wheel wells

Vents & Air Cracks


Two way roof vents Tube vent with hinged aluminum cover Louvered vent Luna-dome roof vent Escape hatch

Plexiglass & Air Cracks

Plexiglass & track Plexiglass Track only for plexiglass Tray for storing plexiglass Bar for air crack welded on inside of trailer


Bulkhead Walls

Bulkhead wall 1/2 bulkhead wall in gooseneck Slatted swinging tack wall Sealed Slatted Swinging Tack Wall Expanded metal in top section of bulkhead, up to 36" tall Bars in Top Section of Bulkhead, up to 36" Tall

Rear Tack

Collapsible rear tack wall without center post Collapsible rear tack wall with removable center post Rear storage wall sealed to roof Full-width rear tack wall Broom Closet Permanent rear tack


Double wall insulate, line & rubber, 52" tall Line dressing room or tack room w/ pre-painted white aluminum Line Walls .045 Tread (Cargo Trailer Only) .125 Aluminum on Bulkhead Wall .190 Aluminum on Kick Wall



15 in. x 18 in. 15 in. x 34 in. 18 in. x 18 in. 18 in. x 24 in. 18 in. x 64 in. 19 in. x 34 in. 19 in. x 34 in. Kick out 24 in. x 24 in. 24 in. x 30 in. 24 in. x 36 in. 24 in. x 48 in.


15 in. x 24 in. 18 in. x 18 in. 22" x 36" Kick out 22 in. x 48 in. 34 in. x 16 in. (dressing room door only) 36" x 36" Kick out


Standard window bars Heavy-duty window bars Drop-down window bars


Dog Boxes

30 in. x 30 in. or 24 in. x 30 in. w/ inside & outside access door

Water Tank/System

Plastic 25 gal. water tank Aluminum 25 gal. water tank Aluminum 30 gal. water tank Aluminum 35 gal. water tank Aluminum 40 gal. water tank Aluminum 45 gal. water tank Aluminum 50 gal. water tank Plastic 50 gal water tank with control/filler valve Water pump for water tank Automatic Watering System


18" Deep Manger 22" Deep Manger Additional drain spout for manger Swingout Manger w/ Access Door on Escape Door


2500 lb. winch 3500 lb. winch 8000 lb. winch Winch with remote ext. cord (for operating full-height ramps)


Tie Rail (polished or unpolished)

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