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4 Types of Trailer Brands

Myth DEBUNKED! Finishing touches do NOT guarantee a quality trailer. Just like vehicle brands, trailer brands vary widely in price and quality. Which of these 4 brand categories have you owned?

Brand Type 1: The Dream Trailer. Excellent structure & excellent finishes. These brands invest heavily in quality at every level. (4-Star defines this category!) They look amazing, last forever, and provide the best protection in the worst conditions. These trailers are more of an initial investment, but save you in the long run.

Brand Type 2: The Disposable Trailer! With both cheap structure & cheap finishes, these brands are focused on producing a trailer at the lowest price. These trailers look 'nice' when new, but wear quickly & crumple in accidents- with devastating results. They last just past their limited warranty. These trailers are easy on the budget- until you start needing repairs, replacements, and finally an entire new trailer.

Brand Type 3: The Celebrity Trailer. Weak on structure, strong on bling. These brands capitalize on the reputation of type 1 trailers by using similar finishes. They often promote their brands by donating trailers to professionals, and cut costs in less obvious (but more important) areas like structure. These brands have the appearance of a quality trailer & can be easy to use, but they don't last well or provide adequate protection when it really matters. The limited warranty indicates how long these trailers are expected to last. You'll pay the same price as a type 1 trailer, but the structure is both heavier and less durable.

Brand Type 4: The Understated Trailer. Strong on structure, weak on the finish. These brands are aware of how important structure really is to any horse enthusiast, but fail to add the finishing touches that make the trailer attractive and easy to use. They can be safer than most brands & even outlast types 2 and 3, but they are missing ease of use essentials. However, they can be easier on the budget than some other brands.

For more help categorizing the trailer you're interested in, check out our other posts on quality and structure!

Photo Credit: @road2thehorseshow, Instagram 2022

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