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the safest

trailer on the market.

4-Star structure means

Quality charcoal 4-Star horse trailer with graphics

Enclosed Hollow
Tube Toprail

Exclusive to 4-Star, the

strongest toprail in the

industry is fully enclosed,

tempered, & extruded as a single piece. This is the only toprail engineered to resist twisting & warping. Each 4-Star toprail is a single piece spanning the trailer's length. This design eliminates any weak points, ensuring the trailer operates as a cohesive whole, rather than breaking down & pulling apart.

Welding specialist

One-Piece Drop Plate

This exclusive piece is another key to the safety, longevity, and durability of 4-Star trailers. It's tough enough to stop a .45 caliber bullet, and 50% thicker than the multi-piece drops used by competitors. The aluminum alloy plate is 3/16" thick with integrated gooseneck gussets, eliminating unnecessary welds and opportunity for weakness. 

Bottom Rail with

Structure poster.png

Validated by one of the

nation's leading aerospace

consultants, the 4-Star bottom rail effectively distributes stress along the length of the trailer. The hollow, closed design provides incredible, consistent strength without the added weight of a solid bar.

1''x 8'' Enclosed Drop Post

Like most 4-Star structural components, this extrusion is enclosed on all sides. This design is far stronger than open C-shaped posts used in other trailers, adding strength in yet another strategic area! The rounded corners face the trailer interior for safety. Minimum 1/8'' wall thickness ensures there are no weak areas in this important structural piece.

Drop Post.png


4" I-Beam on

9 5/8'' centers


Bottom Rail/Running Board

This component integrates the bottom rail and

running board into a single piece. The running

board gains strength as a piece of the structure instead of being welded on. Since the entire piece is a solid extrusion, the running board in turn adds stiffness to the bottom rail. This reduces the twisting and warping of the entire trailer, contributing to the overall durability.

Bottom Rail with Running Board.png


This structural tube is specifically designed with the safety of your horses in mind.


Why is structure important?


A trailer is a major investment. 4-Star trailers have a reputation for holding quality long past the expiration date of most other brands! This is due to the emphasis we place on structure during every stage of production.


The structure of your trailer is the only thing between your horses and careless drivers- and not all trailers are created equal. 4-Star trailers are designed with as few joints and points of weakness as possible, providing the best protection available. This strength also prevents horses from damaging the trailer & exposing themselves to sharp edges.


You have enough on your plate without unnecessary repairs and breakdowns. 4-Star trailers are built to withstand wear & tear with ease, even for commercial haulers. Our 8-year warranty testifies to this, and so do our satisfied customers!

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