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Future 4-Stars Team

Every human being is drawn to be a part of something bigger than themselves, to build a legacy, leave their mark on the world.


We're here to help young athletes do just that!

By recognizing, promoting & connecting with our team, we are showing our support for the future of this community, as well as the individuals who are that future.

The values native to the horse community- responsibility, dedication, a boundless love for horses, a stubborn refusal to ever give up & appreciation for those around us, to name a few- are part of the legacy passed down through generations, the heart of this thing we're all a part of. It resonates deep here at 4-Star- from the way we've always built our trailers, to providing a safe, quality workplace for 4-Star employees, to supporting young athletes that are preparing to carry this legacy forward.

Our Team

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Young Rider

Ready to become a part?

How to qualify:

-Be between the ages of 12 and 21

-Love what you do, and give it your best- like we do!

-Compete/show regularly (at least 3 times a year)

-Own/regularly use a 4-Star trailer and not be sponsored by another trailer brand

What to expect if you qualify:

-A welcome letter & 4-Star patches to wear when competing

-Recognition on our website & social media pages

-Access to the Future 4-Star Facebook group

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