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                      patented technology means less stress on your horses.

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Why is noise reduction important?
The United States Olympic equestrian team recruited 4 vets to monitor the health of their team of horses. Each horse was examined upon arrival to the games, and their condition varied widely. Some horses needed several days to recover, some were ready to compete immediately.
Interestingly, the distance traveled was unrelated!
The team instead found travel conditions, stress levels, and recovery time were directly related- and cited excessive noise & vibration as large contributors to stress.
From this information, 4-Star engineers began a 3-year project resulting in our patented Quiet Ride trailer!

What is Quiet Ride?
It's a patented system that drastically reduces noise during travel. Metal-to-metal contact is the primary source of the classic rattle of a horse trailer, and Quiet Ride eliminates much of this contact, cutting noise in half! Combined with air ride/rubber torsion axles and WERM flooring, our unique design made history in road tests.

Who needs Quiet Ride?
Any horse can benefit from this system, but the following categories may see greater gains by using Quiet Ride:
-Commercial haulers often use Quiet Ride exclusively. The ability to deliver a world-class champions in better shape than competitors gives our commercial haulers an incredible advantage!
-Those frequently traveling long distances can see more benefit than those traveling just a few miles. Greater distances generally mean more noise, therefore more stress. Eliminate the noise, and you've knocked out a large contributor of stress on your horses!
-Competitive riders can reap great benefits with a shorter recovery time after travel. Imagine having more time to get familiar with your surroundings & focus on being in a mental position for success- instead of struggling to help your horse recover just in time to compete.
-Anyone who is sick and tired of hearing their trailer rattle-crash down the road behind them-
your horses are definitely more tired of it than you are!

How do I get Quiet Ride?
It's exclusive to 4-Star & our straight load trailers. Any 4-Star dealer can place your order! 

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