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Stock Trailers

A trailer that works as hard as you do. Quality matters! Whether it's a first impression at a show or hard knocks on a real ranch, a 4-Star stock trailer has you covered.

Beauty's only skin deep. Dive into what's under the skin of a 4-Star, and you'll know why we can stand behind the longest structural warranty in the industry! These features are the reason 4-Star trailers consistently out-perform and out-last other brands.

Structure Horse with Shadow.png

The strongest toprail, period. Exclusive to 4-Star, the 6" radius resists warping, vital on longer trailers. The fully enclosed extrusion is a single piece from end to end.

Bottom Rail with Running Board.png

Combining running board and bottom rail into a single extruded piece adds stiffness and strength along the length of the trailer! Fewer welds reduces opportunity for weak points.

Drop Post_edited_edited_edited.png

The shape of this post makes it stronger than a c-shaped post used in other trailer brands. Rounded corners face the trailer interior as an extra safety precaution!


4-Star dividers are designed with horse safety in mind, as well as strength and durability. The structural tube is stronger than welded or open components.

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